My name is Kennedy Summers and I’m twenty-six years old.  I was born in Berlin, Germany, and spent the rest of my life traveling and living all over the world, both with my family and as an international fashion model.  I was lucky enough to experience the world and other cultures, which resulted in my pursuit of an anthropology degree.  Before I went to medical school, I considered making travel documentaries, so the study of other cultures seemed like a perfect thing for me!

I ended up not making travel documentaries (yet!), but I did get to see the world and live in Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East, which were all amazing experiences!  As a model, I got to do runway, TV commercials, catalogues, print ads, promotions, short films, independent movies, and a lot of fantastic magazines.  It was really cool to see myself in different productions, but I felt like I needed more out of life and needed to be challenged.

When I went to medical school, I had no idea what the future would hold, but I went with the intention of taking my love for aesthetics and creating works of art through plastic surgery.  I had no idea that three years into medical school, I would become a Playboy Playmate!  I feel so blessed and so happy to be part of such an iconic piece of American history!

In January 2014, I will begin shooting a feature film called Money, Money, Money, in which I have a lead role.  I’ve been acting for years, so I’m definitely thrilled to land such a big part in this epic movie based on true events!  Make sure you check it out in theaters in  2015!  I love you guys and thanks for stopping by my page!